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MORE STOCK arriving 4 weeks.. Width: 23.0 cm x Depth: 20.5 cm x Height: 15.5 cm Outer Dimensions : Width: 36.0 cm x Depth: 37.5 cm x Height: 43.5 cm IN STOCK
Shipping Dimensions:Width:45.0 cm x Depth:45.0 cm x Height:53.0 cm Weight:22 kg Price includes gst. Email for del. charge .The PRG-BD, is a Multi-Functional Kiln for both hobbyists and professionals. This kiln was specifically designed for GLASS BEAD ANNEALING, GLASS FUSING,DICHROIC GLASS,ENAMELLING,all Metal Art Clays (eg Art Clay, PMC, BronzClay, Accent Gold, Metal Clay Veneer), Decal firing and China painting Pro-7 Prg-BD has an 8 step digital controller that can be set for 2 different programs with 4 steps or 1 program with 8 steps on the same controller. This model has a BEAD DOOR attached for annealing glass beads. AUSTRALIAN TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:Volts 230V, Amps 8.2 A Watts,1900 W Temp. Control:Digital with 8 steps. Max.Temp: 1150 C Volume : 7.3 litres Weight : 22 Kg. Warranty: 1 Year, excluding improper storage and usage Each stage represents a ramp where you choose (program) how fast the kiln heats up or cools down. Just one example: it can heat up to 800C over 75 minutes, or cool down from 960C to room temperature over 180 minutes. The Ramp Function can be enabled, or disabled, using a set of key presses on the controller (described in the kiln manual).) Delivery Quote available. For review of the Pro-7 see how to programe see.....
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BG Bead Annealing Mandrel Racks 8 inch and 12 inch
Various sizes
FURTHER DETAILS: See these listed under 'Equipment' Page. The Mandrel Rest is the ultimate annealer accessory for your kiln.
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