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All Equipment For Sale - Enamel Wire Raku

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For individual 9gm packs see Thompson Enamels Page
ABOUT THOMPSON ENAMELS DESIGNED FOR 104 SOFT GLASS: The 9000 series of Thompson Enamels are vitreous enamels (highly pigmented ground glass), that have been especially formulated for use with any 104 COE glass (Effetre, Lauscha, Vetrofond, etc.) These are lead free colours that are produced in a 80 mesh, fine powder form, and can be rolled or sifted (see SIFTERS available under 'Equipment' list) on the molten surface of the glass to produce vibrant new colours,ombré effects or to alter existing colours. Thompson Enamels can also be used to produce stringers with new or multi colours too.The advantage of using an enamelled stringer is that it is stiffer than just a standard glass stringer and therefore easier to use in the heat. MINI TUTORIAL: After forming a molten gather roll it in enamel several times and then pull out. This stringer will be noticeably stiffer and will be slightly difficult to pull out. HINT: An easier way to grab hold of the gather is to grasp a smaller chunk of the glass at it's tip with tweezers or pliers,and then in the center area, reheat again and then pull out the stringer. A lightly enameled stringer will create lovely webbed effects while a heavily enamelled stringer will produce lucent color streaks. These stringers, when cold need to be stored carefully as they tend to be more brittle than standard glass stringers and break easily. TUTORIAL on Enamel Watercolour Effects: THE PROPERTIES Of THOMPSON ENAMELS And SAFETY: Enamels are made of finely ground glass that’s been modified with metals that give the enamel its color. The resulting material is highly saturated, making enamel a bit more brittle than glass alone. It’s this property that makes enamel work best as a coating on metals or glass. Enamels have higher working temperature than glass rod, requiring 1500° F to fuse. Making matters a little more challenging, they are also very sensitive to being heated quickly. Enamel needs time to process heat on the way up to working temperature or it will very easily boil. To avoid boiling the enamels bring them to temperature slowly, introducing an enameled bead into the back of the flame and gradually working forward until the enamel is fused. As we take precautions with enamel to avoid boiling, we also need to be aware of flame chemistry. Certain enamel colors- especially the pinks, purples, and white- are more sensitive to reduction, which leaves scummy yellowish/brownish residue on the surface of the bead. An oxidizing flame, to the other end, can cause boiling. A NEUTRAL flame is your best bet.
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Thompson Enamels Thompson Enamels Sample Pack
32 Assort. cols.
32 Assort. cols. To see the full range of individual colours available in 9gm packs that are available at Beadglass see them listed under Thompson Enamels Assorted Colours SAMPLE PACK is an assortment of 39 colours available over the Thompson Enamels range. For full product information and use, see above. More Details $79.90
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BG Iris Gold Powder
9 gm
FRIT and POWDER MINI TUTORIAL: Roll the frit carefully onto the hot bead surface, 2 or 3 times, then gently strike it, working cool!. Using only a 'slightly' reducing flame, by turning the oxy down slightly until a SMALL amount of yellow creeps above the flame candles. Now, 'dance' your bead in and out very lightly in the blue tip of the flame, as though you are gently coating the bead with the flame rotating forward and back and hitting all angles of the bead surface. The surface should result in a beautiful metallic gold finish.
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BG Iris Orange Raku Powder
Also available as Stringer, see listed under 'Stringers' and 5mm diameter Rods are listed under Reichenbach Glass 104
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BG Iris Orange Raku Small Frit
9 gm
Also available as Stringer, see listed under 'Stringers' and 5mm diameter Rods are listed under Reichenbach Glass 104
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BG Fine Silver Wire
5 meters
Fine Silver Wire x 5 meters 100% Silver Perfect guage for applying to the bead surface....if it's too thick it will not stick. 28guage
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BG Fine Silver Wire applied to a bead
Bead not for Sale Photo of fine silver 28gauge, as applied to the bead surface
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BG Fine Line Enamel Sifter
Line diameter 1.58mm x Enamel Bowl 25mm x Handle 155mm
A Fine Line Sifter is a perfect tool to use if you want to draw with powdered glass. Place powders,enamels orvery fine frit into the reservoir then hold the sifter over your base glass. Gently rubbing back and forth along the textured handle causes a fine steady stream of powder to fall out of the sifter’s tip. The small hole allows only a small amount of powder to disburse.
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See this brand new product listed in the online shop under 'Lumiere Lusters" by JetAge Studio are specialty color shifting, heat resistant metal oxide powders and flakes and powders that work glittery magic in lampworked glass, and a multitude of other mediums. They are rated to resist heat up to about 1400F, and don't have a specific coefficent. Similar to Dichroic Extract powder, they shift color and throw off a lot of shine. The larger particle sizes create a lot of sparkle that you cant get from micas, and give quite a different effect from powdered extract. They're also a great cost effective alternative to dichroic coatings and are more heat tolerant than regular powdered micas.
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