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Bearfoot Art Set of Six ExtraTubes for Powder Vibe
Set of six tubes
Add to your collection of handy Powder Vibe Tubes with the addition of this extra set of six tubes. Saves on emptying out powder to reload another colour. Just instantly attach to the magnetic nose holder of the Powder Vibe in seconds! ..and Voila!.. a new design and a new colour.
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B.A Bench Mounted Rolling Marvers
15 x 8.75 cm
15cm x 8.75cm To use these, you will need a magnetic working surface, ie a sheet of steel (not stainless steel, it's not magnetic) from hardware store and mount it to your working surface with screws. This has a 65 lb strength magnet. Barrel Lengths: 8.75cm (3.5") each. Total Height: 15cm (6") The graphite plate is also removable. It also has a pin like structure to neaten bead ends mounted on the plate.
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Bearfoot Art Set of FOUR Tubes for Frit Vibe
Four Tubes
Add to your collection of handy Frit Tubes with the addition of this extra set. Saves on emptying out frit to reload another colour. Just instantly attach to the magnetic nose holder of the Frit Vibe in seconds! ..and Voila!.. a new colour
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Bearfoot Art Set of Five Magnetic Stringer Keepers on Magnetic Base Plate
Dimensions are 43mm tall and the interior diameter is 5/16". You can put rods up to 7.5mm in each or seven to a dozen stringers or more in each tube depending on the size. Included is the Magnetic Base Plate. If your work surface is already magnetic and you can just stick them on wherever. The base of each Stringer Keeper has a super strong Neodymium magnet that is strong enough to hold more than just stringers, additionally, these handy tubes can hold small tools to stay organised.
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Bearfoot Art Magnetic Base Plate with Pedestal
10.5cm tall
The Magnetic Pedestal consists of two components. The magnetic stand and a base plate. The two units sit together on you work surface. The pedistal is also magnetic at it's base so will sit firmly on a magnetic surface (not stainless steel). This tool is used to provide a surface directly at torch height and is a handy shelf upon which tools can be placed and used to work at the torch.
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Bearfoot Art Replacement Sleeves for all Electric Mandrel Spinners
1/16", 3/32", 1/8"
These are the Replacement Brass Sleeves for all EMS models. These sleeves are handy to have for back-up as an extra set,especially when using a particular size regularly.
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Bearfoot Art Testimonials
Read this current Feedback Information to Bearfoot Art
" My marvers arrived yesterday and it was well worth the wait. The rolling marver was as wonderful as I thought it would be. I like the balance and the feel of it in my hand. After watching your video on the Holey Marvers I was wondering if there was a 'learning curve' or if it was as easy as you made it look. The Holey marvers were very easy to figure out and I was turning out perfect round beads from my first try. With my Electric Mandrel Spinner and the marvers I have cut down on the time that it takes to make the base of my beads and I can move on to the intricate, complex designs that I love". Thanks so much, Pam Question & Answers: The Holey marver looks interesting but I don't get how it is used. Is it just a size gauge or do you actually marver with it? You marver with it. But... it also makes a great size gauge. It is especially useful for burnishing leaf and foil onto beads. It smoothes out the surface fast because it gives you a curved edge to rub against. A flat marver only contacts a round bead at one point, tangent to the surface. It is also good for pressed beads. A consistent size core bead makes for a more consistent looking pressed beads. Also, If you watch the video, you can see that the bead is spinning as it is gently placed into the marver. This is also being assisted by using the Electric Mandrel Spinner but it's not mentioned in the video. If you didn't know about the Electric Spinners then you might not notice it is turning. The spinning of the bead brings all of the glass surface to the marver as you work it. Scott
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Replacement Clutch for all EMS
Fits all size EMS
EASY! Simply pull off old one and slide new one on. The clutch is a pressure activated speed control for the Electric Mandrel Spinner. It should last a very long time. They don't usually wear out, but it is rubber and could burn if it gets extrememly hot. This is very rare as you are using your fingertips to control the speed by resisting the rotation of the Spinner axle. Your skin will burn at a much lower temperature than the rubber, so it takes a serious lapse in attention in order to ruin a clutch. If the clutch starts to get warm, you simply slide the mandrel out a little. This positions the glass and flame further from the clutch making you more comfortable.
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Bearfoot Art Electric Mandrel Spinners
Mid Size and Delux Models
These items are listed under their own category on the list at the side. To view see 'Electric Mandrel Spinners' ******SEE the latest VIDEO on U Tube :Bearfoot Art have a great new free Video on a BLOWN VESSEL and how to make it using the incredible Delux Electric Mandrel Spinner. Scott also demos all the other tools which can make life a lot easier in the Lampworkers domain. Beadglass have all these tools at present in stock now.
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140 mm
(out of stock)Draw with enamel and have complete control! This Power unit is what is needed for the Enamel Tube Tips(Extra tube tips can be ordered here under Bearfoot Art Products) . This unit also includes one brass tube tip. Thompson Enamels are also listed for purchase under 'Thompson Enamels' To fill the tip, separate the tube, cover the tip with a finger over the hole, fill with powder and slide the cap into position. The Vibe Tips easily attach to the Powder Vibe base with a magnet, making changes fast and easy. Simply press the pressure switch on the Powder Vibe to start the flow of powder, and release to stop. Powder flows out smoothly when vibrated and allows for quick, mess-free application. Sleek design allows for use in either the right or left hand. Runs on two 'AAA' batteries for approximately 14 - 18 hours of continuous use. Note: Original tip is designed for enamels and powdered frit and will not work with fine frit or larger particles. Storage Tip: Store filled powder vibe tip assemblies in a location with low humidity to prevent powder from compacting. Tips stored in high humidity may not allow smooth flow of powders during application.
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B.A. Extra Large Holey Marver 1 Hole
38mm bowl size
Out of stock..Made of Graphite the hole Diameter is 1" (38.3mm) This Marver is not used as a mold but rather the inside wall of the hole is what you use to do the shaping and the edge of the marver is used to steady the mandrel for quick and easy shaping. These Marvers are used the same as the Small and Large Holey Marvers .
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