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All Equipment For Sale - Aventurine and Foils

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BG Gold Aventurine Small Chunks 15mm Pieces
Out of stock....Gold Aventurine Smallish chunks are ideal for making your own stringers.These are really fine quality very dense gold chunks...stunning! To make stringers,melt onto end of transparent clear rod, encase and pull into stringer. Use aventurine to add sparkle to beads. Also available as ready made stringers...see Gold Aventurine under 'Stringers' Tutorial:
More Details $13.55
BG Aventurine Gold Fine Frit
(Also see Gold Aventurine under 'Stringers' NEW!) Beadglass Avent. Fine Frit, is ideal to either roll bead in and/or melt into the glass. Finer quality dense and sparkly gold. Tutorial:
More Details $13.55
BG Italian Pure Silver Leaf Booklet
9.8 cm x 9.8 cm x 25 sheets
Italian Pure Silver Leaf Large Sheets 9.8cm. x booklet.Fine silver leaf.Booklet of 25 leaves. Lovely effects layered under clear coloured encasements. Work in cool flame to avoid burning off.Here's an excellent free tutorial,Silvered Ivory Stringers from Spawn of Flame site we use silver leaf instead of foil for same effect: Also
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BG Gold Leaf Book
25 sheets
Presently out of stock..24CT. 80 x 80 mm/25 sheets Booklet of 25 leaves Int...Did you know: 28gm/1oz Au can be beaten out flat into 187 sq. ft. gold leaf.
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BG Copper Leaf
25 sheets
New!....These are EXTRA LARGE sheets.Fine quality Copper Leaf book of 25 sheets. The leaf can be applied to the surface of hot glass (must be hot or it will not stick). Burnish on well and then heat the leaf really well. It will appear to burnoff and look like burnt black ash, but once annealed will produce lovely green and blue colours.It can also be used with Thompson Enamels (see listed under Thompson Enamels) and is great over white enamel.For additional information see the tutorial on using copper leaf at:
More Details $13.95
Italian Silver Foil Booklet Italian Pure Silver Foil Booklet
85 mmx 85 mm x 20 sheets
Silver Foil 20 ... 99.9% pure silver. See available also in loose sheets below. Thicker than Silver Leaf, this is best quality Foil,and not the thin cheaper Asian foil, Work in cool part of flame to avoid burning off.Use under clear transparent coloured encasements or to create 'Salmon Egg Bead' by Andrea used in our classes here at Beadglass. For U Tube vidio 'Making Silvered Ivory Stringers':
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BG Palladium Leaf
84 mm x 84 mm x 25 sheets
Pure Palladium Leaf Booklet of 84 mm x 84 mm x 25 sheets. Palladium leaf used on glass results are mottled rainbow effects
More Details $92.75
BG Pure Silver Foil as Single Sheets
140mm x 140mm x 1 sheet
Pure Silver Foil is thicker than Silver Leaf, these are extra large 140mm x 140mm sheets. This product is not the thin cheaper Asian foil. Work in cool part of flame.Use under clear transparent coloured encasements or to create 'Salmon Egg Bead' by Andrea used in our classes here at Beadglass. For U Tube 'Making Silvered Ivory Stringers' Video:
More Details $4.75
BG Fine Silver Wire
4 meters x 28guage
100% Silver Perfect guage for applying to the bead surface....if it's too thick it will not stick.
More Details $12.95