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300gm for BEADGLASS LAVA FLOW BEAD RELEASE READY MIXED see the next product below this post.      
Mixed with water this Bead Release makes 830gm of Bead Release! This is supplied as a dry powder bead release (cheaper to mail) Just mix with water! Easy to use and quick drying,durable in the flame,will hold agressive marvering and heavy beads yet releases with ease. Supplied with directions plus a list of tips for cleaning bead holes out perfectly clean. To keep your beads spotless with no unwanted imbeded oxides, which often appear after firing....PRECLEAN your rods with Sparex, Rio Pickle or Nontoxic alternatives which include combinations of alum and water or vinegar and water. To make a solution from alum, dissolve 1 tbsp of alum in 1/4 cup of water. Make a vinegar-based solution by placing water in a saucepan and adding distilled white vinegar. Heat the solution until it simmers, then add a bit of course table salt. The ratio is about one part of salt to eight parts vinegar. Nancy Hamilton has a very informative page relating to Pickle and the various types available at: More helpful hints are included with this product.
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