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This is one of the best shapers around. Two sided six slot disk shaper. Flexible design allows for both shallow/smaller beads and deeper/larger beads on the reverse.The first side of this marver measures 3/8" deep. These 3/8"depressions will create beads, that will measure 2 x 3/8"plus the width of your mandrel . Eg, using an 1/8 inch mandrel would produce a 7/8" disk bead (3/8" + 3/8" + 1/8"). This second set of slots is cut " deep. These " depressions will create beads, that will measure 2 x "plus the width of your mandrel. Eg. using an 1/8" mandrel would create a 5/8" bead ("+" + 1/8"). The slots are still 3/8" wide.
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