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25mm x 230mm Length      
.This size presently out of stock....Cabochon mandrels are typically used more in an up and down direction, so the 230mm length is more convenient as it doesn't bump the table and other objects as you work. The larger size cabochon mandrels not only make large cabochons, but also can be used like a painter's palette to make one or more irregular pieces at a time across its face. TUTORIAL FOR DIPPING: Dip the mandrel inside the bead release container and spin or tap inside the container to remove excess release with a smooth layered application left on the mandrel. A kitchen spoonful of release can also be used for this process, then use the back of the spoon to spread the release evenly on the cab. It is best to air dry these mandrels rather than flame drying to prevent the release from cracking, then slowly heat in the flame as well as the front where the glass is to be applied, making certain you have the mandrel hot enough for the glass to stick. If you don't have the glass adhered to the mandrel it may come off if you turn it upside down. Keep adding glass, while pushing. Be careful not to pull your glass away from the cabochon. If you want to remove the rod, then use the heat to cut the glass, never pull. Anneal in the usual way. The cab can be removed by twisting and lifting.You tube video: ANOTHER :
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