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In stock.. DON'T WAIT FOR IMPORTS!:This torch is the tried and tested MINOR BENCH BURNER preferred by most lampworkers as the 1st step into lampworking, and by teachers and professionals. By far best value on the market. FASTER and QUIETER than a hothead,using 2 gases(Oxygen&Propane) making flame HOTTER and ADJUSTABLE, easy to use for more detailed work. Because the flame size is adjustable it can be dialled from a pointed smaller flame to a larger bushy flame, giving greater flexibility if needed instantaneously...also enables 'reduction' and 'oxidized' flame chemistry. Also needed are both Oxygen and Propane HOSES, and can be ordered here on the site and they will be supplied and fitted for a small fee of $25 . ...see the listing of hoses immediately below. REGULATORS, as well, both for Oxygen and Propane, are also required and can be ordered here on the site... see below. Hoses can be supplied fitted to the torch other words, all the hard work already done! If using this torch with an OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR ,which is also available in stock at Beadglass, you will only need ONE REGULATOR ie for the Propane tank. Here is the link to see the flame adjustments you can make on a Nortel Minor Burner: Email for an questions concerning setup.
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