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Presently out of stock, this torch can be ordered in as a special order, please email your request... The STACKS bench burner was designed specifically to fill the gap between the Alpha burner and the Bravo burner. After two years of R&D Bethlehem has created the perfect in-between torch for both the beginner and the experienced flame worker! The STACKS includes: the Top Mount “Sharp Flame” surface mix burner, the Bottom Mount “Bravo”-sized surface mix burner, the unique and adjustable STACKS base, the Bethlehem Burners torch cleaning kit, and the Bethlehem Burners “Lifetime Factory Warranty.” This torch has loads of versatility. Each burner is constructed primarily of stainless steel and is equipped with Bethlehem Burners’ one-of-a-kind, stainless steel modular needle valves. Each burner comes with its own B-fitting gas and oxygen hose connections, making each burner a complete and separate torch unto itself. The Top Mount (STACKS I) is similar to our Alpha torch but produces a sharper flame almost identical to the center fire flame of Bethlehem’s famous PM2D Bench Burner. This “Sharp Flame” has a longer center gas candle, which attracts the outer gas jets and oxygen in towards itself. The longer center candle creates a sharper and slightly more driving flame excellent for fine detail work and fuming. The Bottom Mount (STACKS II) produces the same flame width and BTU output as the outer fire ring of the Bravo. Unlike the Bravo torch, the STACKS II does not have a center fire. This torch is perfect for medium hollow work, stress-free handling of sensitive colors, mid-sized (2”- 2.25”) solid marbles and gentle, even heating for pulling points. Both the Top (STACKS I) and Bottom (STACKS II) Mounts work wonderfully with oxygen concentrators! Just like the Alpha and Bravo torches, these burners excel when fueled with a low-pressure system, making them the perfect torches for concentrators. STACKS I – 8 LPM O2, 8 PSI STACKS II – 20 LPM O2, 8 PSIsee below) Please note we can link up this torch to the HOSES PACKAGE AND FITTINGS...see the Hose Pack below, which will then be connected to Australian gas fittings. All the work done for you! Pease note that payments made by credit card and Pay Pal on Bethlehem Torches incur a 1.5% additional fee
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