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BG Puffy Hollow Mandrel 2mm
2 mm      
Out of stock...available in 2.4mm see below...With the 2mm Puffy Hollow Mandrel you can make hollow beads and also shards. Of course, you can also use them for either large hole beads or blown vessels. On these mandrels the small hole on one side allows you to form the bead around the hole by creating regular wall discs on either side of the hole, as you would have done in the usual fashion..Here's a MINI TUTORIAL.........................................1) When the symmetrical disks are formed on the predipped mandrel (see *d'ions below for dipping), bring their edges together using a graphite paddle, making sure to patch over any 'holes' that may be in the glass..2) Heat the bead so it has a plasticity,then blow thorough the cool end of the mandrel very gently. Remember! just short/little puffs to form the shape..3) Whilst holding a finger over the hole of the undipped end.. rotate the formed bead slowly to keep balanced,the bead will shrink slightly..4) Return the bead to the flame and just heat gently,keeping the heat consistently even all over..5) Whilst keeping the bead and mandrel level,turning at the same time place the undipped end in your mouth, blocking the tube with your lip/tongue to prevent the bead collapsing and in readness to puff into the tube again..6) Whilst the end is still covered turn slowly to heat until glowing, now puff gently and if hot enough, the bead will start to inflate..7)Repeat the process keeping the end covered, and puffing the glowing bead to expand some more..8)Once the bead has reached the best size, let it cool whilst evenly balancing and rotating. 9)Anneal ......................................... *Dipping Method:to dip the end of the Puffy Mandrel that has the side hole,dip the mandrel in the bead release well past the side hole, just as you would a regular mandrel. Place your finger over the dipped end of the mandrel and gently blow through the other end to clear out the bead release from the side blow hole in the hollow mandrel... leaving the dipped end of the mandrel tube plugged wth. the wet release,so that the dipped end is sealed. Allow to dry out very thorougly overnight before use. Make sure to clean out well after with use of 1.6mm mandrel from the inside To create SHARDS: Blow the walls 'super' thin and then you can break up the bead to use as shards. Using any of the Double Helix glass (see listed under Double Helix) makes enchanting colour shards. Another method is to uniformly blow the glass thin and then pop it by blowing in extra air. VIDEOS:Here are two excellent videos that illustrates the process. The first Video is by Jeannie Cox This Video is by Sanita Seile
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