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4 x 1.6mm mandrels x 27cm long      
Out of stock 4 x 1.6mm mandrels x 27cm long This is the easiest tool to use for making buttons, either 2 holes or 4 holes. Adjustable separator to make bigger or smaller buttons and removable stainless mandrels 1.6mm x 27cm long to create 2 or 4 hole buttons, and can be transferred into the kiln. To make only two holes, take out two mandrels.To create smaller buttons, push the disks closer together so your button holes will be closer toward the center of your button.To create bigger buttons, pull the disks farther apart and the mandrels widen in the center. This moves your button holes further apart.MINI TUTORIAL:Once the button maker is assembled, coat the mandrels in a deep jar with bead release. Bead release will go over the end button guide if you plan to make the button in the middle of the guides. That's ok. You can also paint the release on with a brush. Allow to dry. With a 4 hole button, it is best to use stringers to get your glass inside the mandrels. You don't have to make your button between the button guides. You can make your button on the end of the mandrels. But you will still need to insert both button guides onto the mandrels to keep them steady. For button holes farther apart than the button guides, you will need to make your button in between the guides and spread the guides apart. Another Tutorial with photos here:
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