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20mm x 25mm      
In stock...Makes a gorgeous delicate leaf shape,a gentle squeeze on th glob (see the tutorials below) of glass will form a leaf-shape print with veins on the surface ....Producing these identical shapes and sizes for earrings or beads to match up perfectly. The Masher Plates are 20mm x 25mm. Here are two helpful tutorials, one off mandrel and the other on the mandrel with a loop.First Tutorial: Second Tutorial: SEE ALL THE OTHER 3-DIMENSIONAL DESIGNS OF THESE BRASS HAND HELD MASHERS ON THE 'BRASS MASHERS PAGES' IN THE SIDE COLUMN.......These mashers can shape all your beads uniformly ..... Every beautiful shape of a flower is possible incl.: Hydrangeas, Bellflowers, Petals, Leaves, Daisies, Roses and Star flowers. Other 3 dimensional designs are : Sea Urchins, Shells, Discs, Wings and Skulls. Complete your design by adding overlaying decoration with a gorgeous stringer. A gentle squeeze on the glob of glass will form the 3-D shape to enhance further.
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