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In stock..Pease note that payments made by credit card and Pay Pal on Bethlehem Torches incur a 1.5% additional fee. The New 2021 Release BRAVO Sharp Flame is the same torch as the original BRAVO, but this is the up to the minute, latest design and allows for the extra facility of the centrefire nozzle providing a totally SHARP FLAME . The sharp flame centerfire provides flame workers with sharper and more driving centerfire flame setting, the same flame settings, found on the Sharp Flame Hand Torch and the top mount of the Stacks Torch. Features are: 6 Jet Centerfire, 30 Jet Outer Fire, 1.125" Face Diameter GAS: 5 PSI, 8 LPM. OXY: 20 PSI, 40 LPM (Full Flame) 800 BTU's (Full Flame)For a demo of this torch see the video on Please note we can link up this torch to the HOSES PACKAGE AND FITTINGS CONNECTED TO THE BRAVO TORCH (these can be ordered separately...see below) which will then be connected to Australian gas fittings. The Bravo Sharp Flame Bench Burner Torch is a finely engineered two stage, stainless steel, surface mix torch with separately controlled outer and inner flames. Each stage is controlled by one gas and one oxygen valve, and the torch comes standard with a four port manifold. Works all types of glass:Soft Glass, Hard Glass, Pyrex Type Glass,Soda Lime Glass and Borosilicate Glass. With this torch you can make:Glass Beads,Marbles, Sculptures,Pipes and Buttons. The Bravo Sharpe Flame is a state of the art glassworker's dream and was modeled after Bethlehemís famous PM2D Bench Burner and creates flames almost identical to the legendary burner! The low-velocity flames of the Champion torch allow flame workers to produce a wide range of fuel mixtures while keeping the flames workable and gentle to the glass. These flames bathe the glass in even heat and gently heat the glass from all sides, much like working glass in a furnace. This type of flame is excellent for every style of flame working, including large hollow work, solid milli work, color-mixing and fine detail work with difficult colors. The large diameter, low-velocity flames produced by the outer fire of the Bravo, make evenly heating large amounts of glass with no cold spots a breeze! Even highly oxidizing flames are soft and even! The Bravo Sharp Torch Special Features Include: Supplied with standard four stud manifold. New ball-bearing scroll provides smooth adjustments and automatically locks the torch at the desired angle. Reconfigured gas and O2 ports for most efficient fuel combustion Stainless steel construction keeps the torch cool to the touch, even at hottest flame Burner configuration: Face diameter : 28.575 mm Center fire: 6 jets Outer fire: 30 jets Full flame consumption: Gas: 5 psi; 24.96 cu. ft./hr. (706.8 l/hr.); Oxygen: 20 psi; 88.13 cu. ft./hr. (2496 l/hr.) Capabilities of this torch are: Melts Rod up to 44 mm ; Tube 88 mm + See the torch operating with Oxygen Concentrators: at 3.58 mins
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