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Art in the Round IMPRESS Centering Pegs
Available in 9 sizes      
INFORMATION ON THE CENTERING PEGS :Individual sizes to order are all listed below The Impress comes with a centering peg for 1/4 inch OD / .218 inch ID tubing already pre-installed. The pegs (ie a small screw with a flat top) are specifically designed in various sizes to fit varying sizes of tubing Internal Diameters( ID ) to line the beads. There are nine sizes from 4.0mm ID to 5.5mm ID. All these varying sizes are listed below to order. To change the pegs simply unscrew the standard 1/4" peg and replace it with a peg that corresponds to your selected ID Tubing size. This can be done using a #2 Philips screwdriver The 1/4 inch peg comes free, so don't order that size unless you want an extra one, or a replacement for a lost one. PLEASE NOTE: The only figure of measurement for choosing centering pegs is the TUBING ID. Tubing OD's are also listed in the peg size list, but all that you need to match up is the tubing ID. Typical OD's are listed simply for convenience in identifying common tubing sizes.See individual sizes below.
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