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" My marvers arrived yesterday and it was well worth the wait. The rolling marver was as wonderful as I thought it would be. I like the balance and the feel of it in my hand. After watching your video on the Holey Marvers I was wondering if there was a 'learning curve' or if it was as easy as you made it look. The Holey marvers were very easy to figure out and I was turning out perfect round beads from my first try. With my Electric Mandrel Spinner and the marvers I have cut down on the time that it takes to make the base of my beads and I can move on to the intricate, complex designs that I love". Thanks so much, Pam Question & Answers: The Holey marver looks interesting but I don't get how it is used. Is it just a size gauge or do you actually marver with it? You marver with it. But... it also makes a great size gauge. It is especially useful for burnishing leaf and foil onto beads. It smoothes out the surface fast because it gives you a curved edge to rub against. A flat marver only contacts a round bead at one point, tangent to the surface. It is also good for pressed beads. A consistent size core bead makes for a more consistent looking pressed beads. Also, If you watch the video, you can see that the bead is spinning as it is gently placed into the marver. This is also being assisted by using the Electric Mandrel Spinner but it's not mentioned in the video. If you didn't know about the Electric Spinners then you might not notice it is turning. The spinning of the bead brings all of the glass surface to the marver as you work it. Scott
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