The Bead Glass Store supplies a wide selection of Lampwork Art Glass . The various brands of glass are Moretti/Effetre, Double Helix and CIM. Books, lampworking tools, oxygen concentrators, torches, eyewear and beads are also available.

To order, choose the range of products you would like to view from the left menu, then select the products you would like to buy from the list displayed.

In the Moretti/Effetre range our glass supplies are available in single rods and in multiples of 1/4 Kilos. There are 2 ways to order for each glass color. If you want one or two rods please order using the Singles list, if you want more than 2 rods it is generally more cost effective to order a 1/4 kilo, or multiples thereof and you need to order using the Bulk list. If you want to order a mix of bulk and single rods you can view the Complete List.

In the Double Helix range the colours are available in 50gm bundles or multiples thereof. The CIM range are available in 112gm bundles or multiples thereof